Sunday, November 30, 2008

Resource 2: Plastic

We use alot of this stuff everyday!

The reason why I am focusing on this particular substance is simply this item that we use can either kill, destroy or pollute our world.

Plastic is used in many, many goods we use everyday.

Plastic is made of small complex scientific matter. acrylics, polyesters, silicones, polyurethanes, and halogenated plastics are used in the process of making plastic.

Plastic is a growing problem society, some saying that it should be canned completeley.
Plastic has caused problems that have affected wildlife in the ocean and other places. It's simple.
The consumer of the product dumps rubbish on the beach. The litter flows into the sea and sea creatures mistakes it as food, swallos it and chokes to death. Shocking I know!

Plastic is related to Globalization because it supports us in our daily lives, it arrouses problems and it is shipped across the world.

Facts about plastic:

We use over 4 million plastic bottles every hour!

Only 1 Quarter of this is recycled.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) - 23% of all plastic bottles. This type is also used to package boil-in-bag foods, meat, cosmetics, and carbonated soft drinks.

When buried, some plastic material may last for 700 years.

A TV Show called What's really in my food says that when used incorrectly plastics can seep through our food in the microwave. This tests show that nitrates do seep in our food, but there is under 000.1% of it seeps through.

Plastic is a precious but lethal resource. It's in our lives every day. Stay safe.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Resource 1: Wood

Wood is probably one of the most used natural resources that we've ever used. Wood does come from treees, but to get the wood we have to cut down trees. But luckily we can regrow them. People use wood's different properties Wood chips, fibres etc.....

We chop down so much wood that.

New Zealand has cur over 3 quaters of forest since settlers arrived!!!!!!!!!

Without wood I think that we can't do as much as we usually do........

Have houses,
sports equipment,
musical instruments,
and so on...........

If every other resource runs out I think we can turn to wood.

Wood comes from trees which help us breath. Trees are essential in the Modern Sociey.
But a growing problem is the amount of Wood Vandalism around the world. As wood becomes scarce Stealing has become big. Over 1 tonne of wood is stolen in a week.

Wood also supports heating in homes. As gas and electric bills increase, people are turining to wood to heat their homes. It's also healthy.

We also use wood for recreation reasons. Sporting equipment and music equipment is also bought in bulk.

Wood is a resource use it for reason.
Just as it is used for use, Wood is also wasted in vast amounts.

Wood is precious use it wisely!

Brief On My Project

My project I have decided to use Blogging to share my opinion on Global Demand on our precious, limited resources. I hope you guys can try to get my message. I will be speaking about our most used resources, how much of it we are using and how we are affecting our planet.